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Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy

What We Do  

We are here to Educate, Endorse and Promote thru continued preservation and development, the Art of Naturopathy and the practice of Traditional Naturopathy, across Pennsylvania, thru networking,  training, accountability,  and everyday practice. And to hold members of our profession to the highest standards as set fourth by the founding fathers of Naturopathy, and it's philosophy of the 6 basic principles.

        1. The healing power of nature -
        2. Identify and treat the cause -
        3. First do no harm -
        4. Treat the whole person -
        5. The doctor is a teacher -
        6. Prevention and wellness - 

Our Current Focus -   

Our current focus is on upholding the practice of Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy without state licensure and government control as to protect the integrity of the healing arts.

Think about these 2  different type office visits;  you go to your family doctor and get 5 minutes face time and a prescription drug and you are on your way (treating the symptom)....or go to your family Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy and they spend a half hour or so listening to you and your concerns, then suggest a change in diet or an herbal remedy which treats the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom in a calm relaxed environment.....

Well if you like the Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy approach, then you don't want the government and other agencies regulating your heath care, not to mention they will cause price increases to cover their demands.

So become a friend of PaTNA, stay informed, be heard, help spread the word, and keep your rights to the type of health care you want...

Pennsylvania Traditional 

Naturopaths Association


​Welcome to PaTNA

  PaTNA Commitees - 

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  • Continuing Education
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Dear PaTNA Members,

and Prospective Members,

Since we initially came together as a group our main focus has been to fight the bills that have been in both the house and the senate. Still a huge part of our focus needs to be on addressing these bills. Currently a Bill passed that could force us all to close our doors, or practice with out referring to ourselves as naturopaths, or even acknowledging our degrees, such as doctorate of naturopathy, which is what it says on the diploma.

 It is clear this needs to be a priority. Yet, there are other functions of a professional association which are also important. We want a professional organization which we can refer to others, and network with other colleagues to share resources, ideas and challenges.  Important concern are accountability, professionalism and having an association to address these concerns. We believe it important to have some type of continuing education and certifying board, but one that does not discriminate against our profession or any other. I look forward to hearing your concerns.

Our new board consists of several very talented, knoweldgable, and compassionate Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy who are currently in practice here in Pennsylvania. 

We very strongly need another board member any are currently seeking to fill that position. Please consider joining us. We need your support and look forward to getting to know you all. We have well over 450 or more Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy in Pennsylvania and we can share a wealth of resources to our clients and one another.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you may have. Wishing you all good health.


Pa Traditional Naturopaths Association

Board of Directors


​​​​ Board of Directors -           

   Barbara Myers, ND

    Vice President-
     Betty Magill, ND   

     Gay Hilton, ND 


      John Herr, ND


      Marty Edwards, ND

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Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy

- New Board of Directors Effective 2/17/2019 -