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"Awareness" is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events.

More broadly, it is the state of being conscious of something.

3. Senate Bill 834 (new)

     - introduced July 31, 2017

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Pa Legislative UPDATE 

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Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy

- May 2019 National Health Awareness Observances -

Attention all Traditional Naturopaths in PA

In regards to the legislation that was passed last year for the naturopathic physicians to be registered in PA, there are continuing meetings in Harrisburg to set up the registration. Members of PATNA have been attending these meetings to represent our position

which includes:
· Retaining our professional designation of ND
· Defending our training and our practices which have been present in PA for over 100 years
· To answer back the many lies and slanders that these naturopathic physicians bring up at these meetings.

These naturopathic physicians are trying to outlaw our practices in PA and take the whole field for themselves. To accomplish this they have submitted more bills in the PA legislature to go further than the registration bill goes in regards to licensure and restricting who can call themselves an ND.
We need more representation at these meetings. PATNA members and others who are on our mailing list should consider attending these meetings and speaking up to defend and support our practices.
There are several of us members of PATNA who cannot attend this September meeting and we are encouraging everyone else who supports our mission to attend this meeting and speak out in defense your education and your business.


Feel free to call or e-mail any of the PaTNA Board members if you have additional questions. Membership in our organization would also be of great help as it does cost to attend meetings, research, phone calls and mail info to all the state officials and other interested parties.   

Thank you....


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Upcoming Meetings

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State Medical Board Meeting,

May  , 2019, In Harrisburg, Pa.

​-To review 3 rd Draft Copy-

Dear Legal Counsel,
I wanted to share some information to help educate the board about Traditional Naturopathy and it's long history, as it's  been around for hundreds of years. Early naturopaths were called “Nature Doctors”. I highly recommend the book Nature Doctors by Friedhelm Kirchfeld and Wayde Boyle. It reviews the history of ND's dating back to the 1700’s in this country. I often open it because I find the early traditional philosophies so important. Most of all its about creating VITALITY. Not seeking a magic bullet’s to cure. Early Naturopaths were priests, pastors, philosophers, and some “medical doctors”. Early Naturopathic Doctors used water, earth, herbs, cleansing diets and hydrotherapy to treat community illness. My colleagues and I have training that includes, nutrition, herbology, movement therapies, detoxification, vitamins, homeopathy, and other Holistic therapies.  I would say most of our practices are pretty hands off, except massage therapy and reflexology. In addition to having a Traditional Doctorate of Naturopathy, most of my colleges hold additional certifications in hypnosis, and counseling as well as healing crystal and yoga. Most Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy have additional training and certificates in herbology, iridology, homeopathy, bodywork therapies, muscle response testing, just to name a few. 
The National Naturopathic Association and Certification Board is the certification many of us hold and here is a link to their web-site: 
Today we all agree in the Basic Principles of Traditional Naturopathy; Do no harm, Treat the whole person, Prevention, Seek to understand cause, Healing power of nature, and most importantly, Doctor as a teacher...
 It truly was not until recently that “naturopaths” from “select” schools now  believe they are trained to act as medical doctors and have comparable medical training and educational standards as todays MD’s and DO's have, as they said in the meeting. And have posted on their website-The Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
         Most importantly is that you know that the scope of practice they initially outlined in HB 516 was completely deleted from this current law and, they are trying to have another bill put through the legislature expanding on your job at hand under this law. My biggest concern is our right to practice is protected. There are over 300 Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy in Pennsylvania with my type of training and only about  18 to 20 with the “select” medical school training. Forcing a narrow agenda that will result in putting several hundred practitioners out of work or unable to make a decent living. Thus, this ”scope of practice”, previously deleted from the bill because it was prohibitive from allowing all the naturopaths is the state to continue to practice.
You should also be aware that the Pennsylvania Naturopathic Physician group introduced SB 834 recently which was exactly what was deleted from HB 516 as it tried to take away the livelyhood of some 300 or more practitioners. 
My final comment, is that ultimately I am a stakeholder. This is my livelihood, my passion and my purpose. I love waking up everyday and thinking about ways to help my clients improve their health.
Thank you again for considering our profession and considering what Traditional Naturopathy is and how it was meant to be practiced.



Continuing Education

2. Pa General Assembly

    2016 Act 128

    - revealed October 19,2017

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    and Make Phone Calls

3. Contact The

    Pa State Board of Medicine



Representing Pennsylvania's,

Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy.

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Educate yourself with the process of how a bill becomes law and the following information that will effect your ability to practice as a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy in Pennsylvania, effective January 1, 2018. (date delayed)

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November 2018 

Legislative UPDATE

Members from the PaTNA Board of Directors and a few other members went to Harrisburg Recently. While there we had very productive meetings with members of the Committee for Professional Licensure, both House and Senate. 

We also acquired the services of the Winter Group to represent us in matters regarding legislature in reference to Traditional Naturopaths here in Pennsylvania.       More info to follow...  

Any amount would be greatly appreciated

Update on  Naturopathic Doctor Registration

1. House Bill 516

    - Passed and signed into law Nov 3,2016

    - Effective Jan 1, 2018

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Naturopathic News

 and Current Events

Re: HB516  passed November 2016

This New Legislation takes effect January 1, 2018

(Currently Put on hold til guidelines for practice have been detailed, approved  and voted on by the Pa Medical Board)

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Pennsylvania Traditional 

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Draft #3 in committee ...


Legislative Update

Some Legislative History ...

Bill died in committee ...

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Upcoming Events

Coming Soon

You may contact, Peter Kovach, he is legal counsel for the Pa State Board of Medicine and will be writing the rules, regulations and scope of practice for this new law. He is gathering information on what Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy do and how they differ from the new Medical Naturopathic Doctors.

He welcomes your input.

Contact Information:

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Peter Kovach,  Assistant Counsel
Pennsylvania Department of State 

Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
2601 N. Third St.   | 

P.O. Box 69523

Harrisburg PA 17106-9523

Phone 717-783-7200 , Fax 717-787-0251