PaTNA 2019 Opening Financial Report

Jan 2019

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Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy

Commitees Now Forming

We will be looking for members to fill these 
positions and more in the near future and as 
we grow. So check out the list below and see 
which one sparks your interest. Get involved, 
​it's your organization...

  • Community Outreach
  • Continuing Education
  • Legislative Concerns
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • ​Members and Membership​​

Members and Memberships

Pennsylvania Traditional 

Naturopaths Association


Download Membership Application

Membership Levels and Requirements

PaTNA Membership Certificate

​​​​Some History of

Traditional Naturopathy

PaTNA Wear Alumni SHop

Some of Our
Membership Benefits...

1. Building a stronger community.

2. Improving the education and
    well being of the citizens of    

3. Forging relationships with fellow    
    Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy.

4. Strengthening communication  
    within our profession.

5. Having a say in the local and state  
    politics on issues that involve the  
​    practice of Traditional Naturopathy. 

6. Increased Traditional Naturopathy     

    and other Holistic Healing referal   


​7. Continuing Education updates.


Attention Fellow Doctor's of Traditional Naturopathy: There is power in numbers and right now we need your help. We need members and members that want to continue to practice Traditional Naturopathy as you do now. We need to work together as a unified group and let Harrisburg hear us and what we have to say and to clear up the untruth's that have been spread about us, our education and our business/practice.

Level One
Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy 

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy: $150.00 
1 year membership...
Voting privileges...
Membership Certificate...
​Membership yearly renewal $100.00
-Get application below.....

Level Two
Allied Natural Health Professional

Allied Natural Health Provider: $100.00
1 year membership...
Membership Certificate...
​-Get application below....

Level Three
Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy Students 

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy Students : $75.00
​1 year membership...
​Membership Certificate...
​-Get application below.....

Level Four
​Friends/Supporters of Holistic Health​

Friends and Supporters: $25.00
​1 year membership...
​-Get application below.....

Beginning balance 1365.40
Membership fees & donations 4787.50
Expenses (lobbying & website expenses) 2120.08
Final balance 4032.82

- Representing The Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy in Pennsylvania -


- Remember There Are Power In Numbers -